Friday, July 8, 2011


Here is what I came up with. I made my prints into Roxanne's famous zipper pouch. My prints didn't translate from my head quite like I wanted it to. Which I find very frustrating. But that's ok. You know what they say about practice. :) I've tried painting on fabric a time or two before. I've used artist acrylic paint. That painted well but it dries hard and makes it unwearable. I've also tried puffy paint and put it on very thin. That worked ok but it was difficult to keep neat and thin. This time I bought two kinds of textile ink. One was runny like water, the other thick like artist acrylic paint. The thin kind bled and the thick kind was difficult to work with. Mixing the two together worked the best but neither worked with my homemade stamps (Styrofoam meat trays cut out into my own shapes and hot glued to a milk jug cap). So I ended up stamping, then filling it in with a brush. The finished prints are messy and disappointing. I'm not sure what to try next. I'd really like to find something that works. This is my first practice run. I used a napkin sample a friend gave me. The circles I stamped then filled in. The leaves I tried stamping but ended up just doing free hand . I also did one with a flower stencil I bought. That was a disaster. It's in the finished picture in the back. I did a stripe with tape that was fun and pretty easy, it went on the back of the flower. Drying the prints.

My helpers. This lasted about 20 minutes, which is record time.

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  1. Fun! I love your designs! I find it so frustrating when the idea in my head doesn't work out perfectly the first time. Try, try again thought, right? I think you should try carving some real stamps. It's not nearly as hard as I expected. Come over and use the tools I have and see if you like it. The brayer seems to make a huge difference. Hoping to get a chance to actually print on fabric today. Excited!